Paul Louis Nelson

works above:
-Gouge.Wood, Cement, Screws, Shellac. 2015.
-Millstream.Yarn. 2014.
-98 Five Hundred Piece Puzzlebug Puzzles. Puzzles, Glue, Osb. 2013.
-Install shots from show Old Weight at Julius Caesar in Chicago, IL. Pieces shown New Usless, Tom Hanks Rock, Complete Filmography. 2012/13
-Too Young To Date 1994,(1993),(1996).VHS Tapes, Cement, Paper Mache, Plaster. (Rachet straps, OSB, Wood.) (Wood, Chain, Cement.) 2012.
-Untitled. 99 paint on canvas. 2011.
-5.6.2010, 5.6.2010-10.14.2010, 10.14.2010-12.09.2011, 12.09.2011-3.3.2011, 3.3.2011-4.15.2011, 4.15.2011-5.6.2011. (ongoing) books project.
-Ramp/Monument/Ruins. Wood, Woods. 2010-ongoing
-Paper Pulp, 3x6, 10.14.2010-5.6.2011. 5.6.2011 (roughly 6 hrs).
-Creatures In The Cave. Xerox Book. 2009
-Untitled. Wood, Glue, Screws. 2009.
-Location Means Nothing. Digital C-prints. 2007
-An Apple, Lodged Into Ones Back. Laser Print Book. 2008.
-One Year, Lessening. Plastic Bag, Paper, Tape, Hair. 2005-2006
-Assorted things, randomly updated, 2008-present.